Fit for Travel Featuring Lauren Young

Lauren Young is a Chicago-based sports broadcaster and fitness model who teaches young women the importance of fitness, wellness and a healthy lifestyle. She travels regularly for work and shares her ten fit travel essentials that she never leaves home without.

There are few things I consider more important when traveling than a well packed carry-on bag. Lucky enough, I get to travel for work quite regularly and I have boiled down the fit travel essentials that I never leave Chicago without.


It’s rare I go down the street without my computer, so you better believe I always have it by my side when on the road. One of my favorite ways to wind down before bed when traveling is a quick guided meditation or in room yoga on my computer.

Running Shoes

I am a firm believer in tennis shoes for all occasions, but when I travel I make sure to set aside the fashion sneakers and bring along the functional sneaks.

Wipes, Spray Toner & SPF

After a workout on the road a shower isn’t as accessible as you would like. Wipes are a girl’s best friend in these situations. Spray toners are perfect on the go skin care. Wipes get you clean, toners treat your skin.

Planner, Headphones & Snack

On the road, I find it easiest the make sure I get my workout in when I schedule it into my day. While I run I love me a good audio book. You will also always find some sort of fit snack in my bag when traveling. My favorite as of late is homemade fruit and nut mix.

Sweater or Sweatshirt

I am always FREEZING on the plane, sweaters and a sweatshirts are an absolute must. I actually do not understand how people can fly in shorts and t-shirts.

Hanover Deluxe

It’s impossible to bring all of the fit goodies if you can’t fit them in your bag. The Hanover Deluxe is minimalist, matches everything, has an internal organizer that optimizes usable space and all the little organizational pockets you could ever need.

The best way to find a gym or workout class in a new city is to ask the locals or as we do everything else, Google it. Before heading to the gym or studio always make sure to go to the gym or studio's own website to see their current offerings or if they have any specials or class packages available.


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