Check out our small accessories collection 

Our All Day Comfort Face Masks and 4-Layer Bandana Masks are reusable, non-medical face masks that are comfortable, high-quality, machine washable, and smartly designed to be worn all day, every day. Perfect for traveling, commuting, or just a casual weekend day out and about.

Our Zodiac Charm Collection includes 12 keychains with each animal in the zodiac, made in a variety of colors and shapes.

Our Signature Medallion is a small, round monogram medallion available in gold and silver that can be added to any of your Lo & Sons bags to add a bit of extra flair.

Our Lo & Sons Limited Edition Pins are inspired by Fred Lo’s life and work, with the telescope design on two of the pins celebrating his work as a radio astronomer.

Our Upcycled Laptop Sleeve is a sustainable laptop case handmade from returned Lo & Sons bags.

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