Cabin Escapes: A Getaway from the City

Our Q&A with photographer Amanda Villarosa. See what she has to say about the Catalina Deluxe she took with her on a weekend away from the city to the Catskills in Upstate New York.

Each year, Amanda and her closest friends visit the Catskills for a break from the hustle and bustle that is New York City. When traveling with a large group it's easy to have a lot on the brain—from a grocery list that is mindful of everyone’s diet to daily activities just right for the couples, the young ones and the family dog. Traveling with a Catalina Deluxe means you at least have the peace of mind knowing all your belongings are right where they need to be—even if you haven’t flipped a coin yet for who gets dibs on the master bedroom of that cozy rental home.

Any tips on planning a weekend away?

Always best to plan ahead of time, especially if you’re traveling with a group. We love to check out beautifully designed properties, and bring our dogs and kids along. Fun to also discuss a menu that everyone can participate in making!

What were some of the activities you did while upstate?

Lots of chats around the fire, puzzles, card games, and pasta making! 


What's your favorite way to travel?  

We always drive, especially since we have a dog that isn’t allowed on public transportation. Driving is more fun anyway, as we’re able to make stops, and checkout restaurants, stores and breweries along the way. The Catalina Deluxe is the perfect bag for our weekend getaways, as I’m able to fit the perfect amount of items in it, and not take up too much room in the car. Doesn’t hurt that the bags are cute too!


What was your favorite feature about the Catalina Deluxe during this trip?

The. Pockets. They are so handy and help in keeping clothes separated from smaller items, keys, shoes, etc. I’m somebody who tries to be very organized, so I appreciate the functionality. My boyfriend and I both have Catalina Deluxe bags for ourselves!


What was your boyfriend's favorite feature? 

I think Brian loves the look of the bags the most—especially the Onyx and Deep Navy ones. He used to own a duffle bag that was falling apart, and would just stuff everything in it. But now he’s also able to stay organized and fit everything he needs for a weekend away.

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  • Cheryl

    As a New Yorker in the Hudson Valley, I would love to know where they went so I can take my Lo & Sons travel bags, too!

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