Discover The Aoyama

Four bags in one, this lightweight, buttery soft bag can do anything and go anywhere. With its one-of-a-kind 'perfect world' pocket, all your necessities are at your fingertips. (We call it 'perfect world' because in our perfect world everything would be this easy!)

Thoughtful Features

We created smart design details to make travel and mobility as seamless as possible.

Seam Pocket

Our 'perfect world' pocket keeps all your important stuff in one easily accessible pocket so you're free to go about creating your own perfect world.

Modular Straps

The Aoyama is a four bags in one. Effortlessly transition from hand to shoulder to crossbody on the go.

Flexible Shape

Sits close to your body when partially full, but can accommodate a full day's worth of necessities for when you're in a hurry.

Inside Pockets - Aoyama Bag - Lo & Sons - Black
Inside Pockets - Aoyama Bag - Lo & Sons - Black

Exceptional Organization

Organizational Math: Four webbed pockets, one zipped pocket, three card pockets and a key leash add up to never not finding what you need.

Elegantly Functional

These materials are sourced to elevate your everyday. Oh...And they're gorgeous.

Sheepskin Leather

An extremely supple leather intended to keep the bag lightweight.

Signature Jacquard Lining

Our 100% recycled, premium-quality jacquard in our signature hummingbird print makes finding everything inside the bag easier.

Elegant Gold Hardware

Our logo gold hardware brings a touch of elegance.

Take It Anywhere

Tokyo Through a Local’s Eyes

Featuring the Aoyama

Immerse yourself.

When you find beauty, you need to be able to grab it. The Aoyama can be worn as a crossbody leaving your hand free to do what they will.

A carry on you don't have to carry.

Hands free boarding is a moment.

Don't go home.

The Aoyama can hold an obscene amount so you can carry it all...all day.

Aoyama Bag

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