The Work Life Balancing Act with Alexandria Haddad

Social media marketing consultant, brand photographer, content creator and full-time mom Alexandria Haddad, shares her struggles, tips, and goals in achieving her own work life balance. 

Between working as a social media marketing consultant, brand photographer, and content creator and as a full-time mom to her daughter, Alexandria Haddad had to face shifts and challenges to find her own point of balance.

My current career as a small business owner was the biggest shift for me once I became a mom. Like many other first time moms I really struggled with returning to my corporate job after such a short maternity leave. I simply couldn’t do it. Luckily I already had a blog/website that I was working on for many years as a side hustle. So I decided to take a leap and try to leverage those years of content creation to build my business while being home and caring for my daughter. I gave myself a deadline of 6 months to get things off the ground and gain clients. Thankfully it worked out! 


With those challenges, came some important learned lessons. Here are a few to share with new working moms:
  • Work in small increments of time rather than a full uninterrupted work day.
  • Listen to your gut. If you’re really struggling with being apart from your child, there are other work options out there for you to explore! Always do what feels right for your family.
  • The term “It takes a village” is seriously so true when it comes to raising children. It was very hard for me to reach out or accept help (outside of my husband) in the beginning of my motherhood journey. I truly felt like I had to do it all and be it all for everyone which was very naive of me. As my business got busy and personal life was getting even busier, I felt like I couldn't keep up. My biggest piece of advice is to accept the help that is offered to you or find the help you need! In order to “balance” all of the areas of your life you need a little help along the way! 


    Moving Forward: Goals for 2020

    My biggest work goal is to add a team member to my business. This is so important to me because as my business is growing, it’s essential that I bring on the extra hands to help push it forward. My biggest life goal is to lean further into living a clean lifestyle! Having a child has helped become aware of the products we use, how they impact our bodies and our planet! While my husband and I made some major changes in the last few years, we still have the opportunity to further improve in 2020! 


    Lastly, Alexandria tells us her favorite Rowledge feature

    As a working mom, my favorite feature is the ability to convert the bag from a comfortable backpack to a tote! Since I’m constantly carrying so many things at once (my daughter included), It's nice to have one less bag to worry about so the backpack feature is key! However, when I walk into a client meeting I love having the option to convert it to a sleek tote.

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    • Angela Cruz

      I love my Rowledge and this blog resonates so much! As a blogger, mom to a toddler AND a corporate public relations professional, my life definitely needs this balance. I also love carrying my bag as a tote to my corporate Fortune 150 company’s headquarters every day. In it, I have my 2 (!) work laptops, 2 cell phones, my lunch, water bottle and Happy Planner. I would be lost without this bag, LOL!

    • Brooks

      What does “full time mom” mean? Aren’t all moms full time? Haddad runs a business so clearly she’s working – does this imply moms who don’t work for themselves are “part time moms”?

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