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Spring to Summer Sale Up to 40% OFF select styles + extra 15% OFF with code SPRING2SUMMER

Spring to Summer Sale

Up to 40% OFF + extra 15% OFF sale items with code SPRING2SUMMER

Healthcare Heroes

A celebration of the brave and committed workers in the healthcare front lines.

GoFundMe Small Business Relief Fund

Small Business Relief Fund

We're hurting, but there are plenty of other small businesses who need support too. Help keep small business alive.

A Sustainable Vision

A Sustainable Vision

Learn more about our ongoing commitment to sustainability and our mission to enhance the beauty of the wonderful places we travel to.

introducing the hakuba

The Hakuba

A sleek backpack that does it all.

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The Untold Story of Helen Lo

The Untold Story of Helen Lo

Business Insider logo

“Helen Lo founded luxury bag company Lo & Sons after she couldn't find any fashionable, functional travel bags. She convinced her sons, Derek and Jan, to quit their jobs in advertising and product design research, respectively, and get the startup off the ground in December 2010.”

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“Say goodbye to the days of bags falling off the side of your suitcase and spilling out over the floor (we've all been there,) and hello to a less painful carry on experience.”

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“The brainchild of a mother and her two sons. With dreams of building the perfect functional-yet-stylish laptop tote, the trio dreamt up a series of streamlined and minimalist designs that they describe as the little black dress of travel accessories.”

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“Now I have a new item to add to my wish list - a camera bag that’s elegant chic and not the bland backpack black neoprene I've been using.”