Discover The Seville Collection

Seamlessly and sustainably switch up your look — without changing your whole bag.

Invest in Innovation

Today’s conscientious consumers (that’s you) value quality over quantity—but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice variety. Instead of buying an array of bags, you can buy a single Seville bag (therefore minimizing waste), but update its look with interchangeable exterior shells, intentionally designed to keep your look fresh, seasonal, and context-appropriate.

How It Works

Our interchangeable shells allow you to switch up your bag’s look—without having to unpack. In under a minute, you can seamlessly move the inner bag from one shell to the next, and you’re off!

A Strategic Selection of Materials

We use a carefully-considered mix of materials that maximize elegance and performance, so you’ll have the right bag for every context.

Saffiano Leather

Treated to be scratch- and water-resistant, Saffiano leather is exceptionally durable. The cross-hatch pattern gives it texture and structure that endures over time.

Nappa Leather

Known for its buttery texture and adaptable shape, this natural-grain leather gives the trim and handles of these bags a luxurious feel and an elegant look.


This fine-weave, water-resistant nylon is a sleek alternative to leather. Lightweight and travel-friendly, it’s perfect for those on the go.


“Lo & Sons specializes in a two-in-one tote called the Seville, which has an interchangeable shell design to transform it into a travel bag. ”

“The key innovation of the bag is that you can easily swap the leather shell for a nylon one, transforming the bag into a lightweight travel bag that can be attached to your suitcase for easy wheeling. The swapping process takes under a minute and it was well worth it.”

Goes Everywhere You Do

Dress your Seville bags up or down for work, travel, and weekend.

The Seville

The Seville Prima

The Seville Aire