Discover Plant-Based Vegan Leather Collection

Made from Nopal cactus “leather” that’s soft, high-quality, plastic-free, and most importantly, environmentally conscious.

High-quality, Luxe Materials

Made with the same premium materials used by other luxury fashion brands.

Real “Leather” Feel

This kind of Nopal cactus “leather” has the touch and feel of real leather, but is much better for the environment.

Durable, Long-lasting Products

Cactus leather is more durable than other vegan leathers and can last more than a decade.

Sustainability Meets Style

While reducing environmental impact, our bags are also stylish, functional, and elegant.

Environmental Benefits

By choosing cactus instead of other vegan leathers we reduce:

Greenhouse gas
emmision by 78%

consumption by 79%

usage by 190%

Investing in Sustainability

As our business grows, we’re committed to enhancing (not just minimizing harm to) the earth and the wonderful places we travel to.

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