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Though staycations may not require the same level of baggage and organization as a weekend away, they’re no less filled with a variety of activities. Think: a weekend spent between the beach and land -- what suits one may not suit the other. California-resident, Nicole Spencer, recently faced that challenge smoothly by bringing a bag designed just for this scenario: the Waverley convertible bag.

Designed to fit all your go-to travel essentials

Every November, my husband and I round up a group of friends and head to the beach for a staycation. We live in Southern California, where its nearly always beach-weather. As a surfer, trust that I take full advantage of this year round! Because our weekend is packed with various activities, the last thing I want to be doing is fussing with a bag or having to switch out bags throughout the day. For this reason, it’s a no-brainer that I opt for my Waverley -- it converts from belt bag to crossbody/shoulder bag to clutch, is compact, but surprisingly roomy. One of my favorite features is the built in card-slots. I remove my cards and ID from my wallet and place them in the slots to save a ton of room and keep my bag lightweight.

Hands-free travel

On the way out the door, I grabbed my Waverley and swung it over as a shoulder bag. We were staying at Hotel Joaquin, a beach-front hotel a couple hours away and I wanted to be comfortable but have my necessities close by. Halfway into the drive, we stopped by a small town to grab breakfast and check out some local shops so I switched to a belt bag. I love being able to be hands free while I shop and not worry about leaving my bag somewhere.

A convertible and versatile travel bag

We checked into our hotel and then headed down to the beach. I have a pretty large beach bag but I always keep that in the car and out of sight -- don’t want to attract attention to my belongings while I’m in the ocean! The Waverley is small enough that it doesn’t get noticed but I can keep the items I really need close by (sunglasses, chapstick, lip gloss, keys, and bikini top). Bonus: I have the Waverley in Light Grey which lightly blends in with my beach towel and sand for a slight camouflage effect. 

A couple of friends met us at the beach so we grabbed lunch and spent the day hanging around town.
 On the way back, we stopped at Daydream. It's our local coffee shop and surf club in Costa Mesa with an assortment of home goods, clothing, and of course good coffee.

 The Waverley

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