Black Lives Matter: 10 Actionable Steps

We stand in solidarity with and in support of our Black and Brown communities. That’s why we’ve put together a list of resources as a team that our company is learning from and participating in to make a difference, should you feel compelled to join us.

Black Lives Matter

The Untold Story of Helen Lo

Discover how the founder of Lo & Sons fled civil war, almost became a nun, immigrated to Alabama, fought for social justice, graduated with a Ph.D, and ultimately became a master of reinventing her career.

Sustainability Progress Report 2020

Details on the progress we've made over the past year with sustainability initiatives.

A Note from Our Founders: The Coronavirus

Real Talk: Women in the Workplace

Pt. 1 | Career and Leadership

The Renewal Workshop & Sustainable Business

A note from our CEO & Co-Founder, Jan Lo

In Memoriam: A Pin Design Story

Bringing our father's story to our customers. We are celebrating Fred Lo's life and work through our custom pins.


written by Jan Lo, co-founder of Lo & Sons

The Making of the Catalina Collection

We sat down with Jan Lo, CEO and co-founder, to find out more about the inspiration and evolution of this popular weekender bag and why it has become a cult favorite. 

The Making of the O.G.

At Lo & Sons, we have a small team of designers and producers who conduct research and collect feedback to create new bags. But before the existence of this well-oiled process, co-founders Helen, Jan, and Derek took on the creation of the O.G. bag themselves.

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