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A men’s gym bag built for your daily routine

The perfect gym bag is built for more than just the gym. At its core, a gym bag should be durable and comfortable, with features like adjustable shoulder straps and a spacious interior to store your athletic essentials, clothing, water bottle, towel, running shoes, etc. as well as flexible compartments to separate your dirty gym clothes or running shoes. More than that, we’ve created gym bags that are versatile to double as exercise, work, and travel bags, so you can head straight to your workout from the office or use the same bag for a weekend getaway. Whether you’re hitting the gym everyday or just starting out, a high quality workout bag that fits into your routine is an everyday essential.

Find the right gym bag for men 

From our best-selling Catalina Collection, the Catalina Deluxe is a classic duffle bag available in premium, sustainable materials. If you’re looking for a smaller and more versatile tote version to use as a gym bag, opt for the Catalina Deluxe Tote. Both the Catalina Deluxe and the Catalina Deluxe Tote include a separate compartment for shoes or dirty clothes so that you can keep the rest of your belongings clean to and from the gym.

Check out our men’s gym bag collection 

All of our bags are made from high quality, premium materials that are made to last and designed with your daily needs in mind. From duffle bags to totes to backpacks, take a look at our collection of gym bags to find what works best within your daily routine. Choosing the right bag to bring with you should be the easiest part of your workout routine!

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