Healthcare Heroes

A celebration of the brave and committed workers in the healthcare front lines.

Supporting Our Heroes:
Donating Bags

Even though we can’t currently make medical protective equipment, we have felt a new sense of purpose that our bags could help in just a small way for those putting their own health on the line for their community and country. Our team has been reaching out over the past several weeks to those who are working in hospitals, and donating our bags to their teams.

3,804+ Bags Donated

$521,610+ Retail Value Contribution

300+ Hospitals Helped

Our Heroes on the Frontlines

These are some of the courageous healthcare professionals who inspire us and keep us motivated to make a positive impact in the lives of others.

“I am actually sitting here, with tears in my eyes, knowing how much this will help both my staff and the one in Hoboken.”

—Ella C.

“It’s as bad as they say. I’ve never seen anything like this in my 20+ years of nursing. Thanks for thinking of me.”

—Stacey O.

“I Lysol my clothes and throw my work clothes in a plastic bag every day. The bottom pocket is perfect for my scrubs and my hospital items.”

—Meleen C.

“I have worked in critical care for 38 years and this has been the worst experience of my career.”

—Helene S.

“A resident physician in NJ who has no access to a washer and dryer now has a way to transport clothing.”

—Cheri W.

“Thank you SO MUCH for all these bags!! They are amazing and my coworkers are so excited about them. We cannot thank you enough!!”

—Hannah M.

“I really appreciate your gift to my residents who are working extremely hard taking care of our sick patients.”

—Mirna C.

“I am speechless. They are beautiful. It is so bad at the hospital. A gift can put a smile on someone.”

—Sandy L.

“THANK YOU SO MUCH!! We very much appreciate your generosity and again will be doing anything we can to support your business.”

—Sonia M.

“Lo & Sons came through with bags for the entire ER staff. The gear needed for our shifts has increased substantially, and the bags are perfect. We cannot thank Lo & Sons enough.”

—Tim D.

“Our inpatient team have really been on the front lines taking care of COVID-19 patients in our hospital, so couldn’t think of a better group to thank with your bags.”

—Chris M.

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