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While this time might, hopefully, one day mark a fundamental shift in our society for the better, we wanted to share some updates as a company. While it was highly emotional, our team has come together this week to discuss what’s going on. Specifically, the police brutality in the black community that keeps happening over and over. 

Our team has inspired us, as a leadership team and as a company, to keep striving to be better. To make that fundamental shift, everyone--leadership included--needs to keep stepping up. It is obviously not enough to just type the hashtag of the moment for a social media post. We are also learning it is not enough to act with good intentions. Words do matter, especially in times like this. 

We, as a minority-owned company, believe that Black lives matter unequivocally. We recognize that we live in a society where Black Americans continue to die unjustly at the hands of police brutality year after year, decade after decade, with the message saying: your lives do not matter. Your lives do matter. Black lives matter. There is power in our collective action, and Lo & Sons is renewing our commitment to be there with you to create change and make our society more just, particularly for the Black community.

We will be writing and sharing more, as we work together to combine words and actions.


  • Michael Butler

    Thank you!

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