A Note from Our Founders: The Coronavirus

To the Lo & Sons community, 

We would like to quickly update you on the rapidly evolving situation with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and how it is impacting our team and community. Joining many other companies in New York City, we closed our office earlier this week, and thankfully our entire team is able to work remotely—not only for the safety of our team, but also to do our part to minimize the further spread in our community. We have let our team know there are no restrictions on sick days, so we can focus on our health. For the parents on our team, we are trying to provide maximum flexibility in our work schedule, so they can focus on their family’s health first and foremost. 

As a small business, we are doing our best to provide the same high level of service and products during this extremely uncertain time. Fortunately, our factory partners in Asia have largely returned to normal operations—after weeks of school and company closings in their respective communities—and L&S is still hopeful to have inventory available moving forward. Seeing our partners’ resilience and discipline fighting against the coronavirus has definitely given us hope for our own communities. 

Thinking back on Hurricane Sandy and especially 9/11, one of the greatest things about New York is how people truly do come together and support each other during the most challenging times. At Lo & Sons, headquartered in Brooklyn, NY, we believe now more than ever is the time to live out our company values, such as empathy and teamwork, to serve our community. For our customers all over the US, please let us know how the current situation is affecting you (e.g., receiving shipments, returns logistics, cleaning the products properly, etc.), and our team will be ready to assist you. We also realize that there are many of us who are facing even more difficult situations. Those that might not have the option to work remotely without losing their income. Those students that might not have enough food to eat if schools and community resources are closed. We hope as a community we can share our resources to support each other as best we can.

Through these uncertain times, it is certainly not business as usual. But why does it need to be business as usual? As we work together, we believe it can it be something even better?  


Helen, Jan, and Derek


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