Turning Work into Play in Puerto Rico

Getting the chance to travel to a beautiful place and getting paid to do it, not as an influencer but for our new company was something that we didn’t think would happen this quickly. We have been incredibly fortunate to have made the transition from Instagram to real life job so seamlessly, and what follows is the brief account of one of our most exciting jobs thus far. 


Guest Blog Post by The Brothers Buoy

We started our company, Buoy Worldwide this past April, and have been extremely fortunate to have found moderate success right out of the gate. We recently got an incredible opportunity to travel to Puerto Rico for a job for a new travel agency called ViaHero that gives travelers richer experiences by partnering them with locals to help plan their trip. We planned an aggressive two day schedule over a weekend, and tried to pack in as much of the island as possible into our trip. 

Our Rhodes duffel proved the perfect gear bag for the job, with enough space for not only a bunch of our equipment but also all of Graham’s clothes. We used the bottom compartment to store our equipment since its padded and could keep everything organized in one area.

Morning Working Session

We typically use our Hanover backpacks as a work bag since there's a padded laptop compartment and tons of organization features. After a quick working session, we took out the insert and loaded the backpacks with essentials for our biggest excursion on our trip: taking our bright blue Jeep an hour and a half outside of San Juan into the mountains to find a secluded swimming hole in the jungle.

Discovering Puerto Rico's Rain Forest

The scenery was truly breathtaking as we made our way through winding roads up higher and deeper into the lush greenery all around us.

We finally reached our destination and went on a brief hike over creeks and under fallen trees to reach the beautiful cool waters of the swimming hole, with not another soul in sight. On our way back down the mountain, we were treated to the most spectacular view of the valley below, which we stopped and admired for a while before descending back down to civilization. 

Local Joints

We closed out our trip with a trip to the waterfront in the southern coastal city of Ponce. Our guide told us that the boardwalk was extremely lively and not to be missed at sunset. We just made it in time to pop up the drone and capture the blazing sun before it slipped behind the horizon.

We had one last spot to hit before we began our long drive back to San Juan to pack up for our flight the next morning: King Cream, one of the most popular frozen ice spots in Ponce. We have our priorities.

Commemorating the Trip

Something our designer, Jackson, always does on his travels abroad is find a place to get a tattoo to commemorate the trip. We set up an appointment at one of San Juan’s most popular shops, Color Conspiracy Tattoo. Lo and behold, Jackson’s artist had just moved to Puerto Rico from Brooklyn, and had worked in the Three Kings tattoo parlor just blocks from our house for 5 years. Really is a small world. 

With our whirlwind trip to Puerto Rico coming to a close, we loaded all our bags in the bright blue jeep and headed to the airport bright and early. Only one final task remained: somehow choose a rum from the nearly infinite selection at the duty free. Luckily we still had room in our bags. 

Graham and Jackson brought the Hanover and Rhodes with them to Puerto Rico.


  • Jane

    Great story! I live in Australia and have several Lo & Sons bags – Hanover, Pearl, Catalina and 2 OMGs! They travel with me everywhere – to the Outback, intercity, beach, wherever I go basically. Good work, Team Lo & Sons! Jane ☀️

  • ASM

    Thank you for featuring my beautiful island of Puerto Rico.

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