Bar Do Mineiro
Late afternoon lunch spot for locals to get a fresh bite of some traditional fare with a cold beer.

Mamma Shelter
Fun boutique hotel. Stop by for brunch and bites while exploring the historical and art neighborhood of Santa Teresa.

Tram Do Santa Teresa
AKA "o bondinho." The best way to return to center city and the beach after a long day of culture.

A bit of boutique and an bit of chic. A 2 minute walk to the beach. 

At the Ipanema beach hit the water for some locally renowned avant-garde galleries, bookstores and movie theaters. 


Lunch close to the beach that’s healthy and delicious between your dips in the sea.


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  • Donna

    I love my Hanover! I came wait to carry it all over Italy in May.

  • Vena Campbell

    Photos where beautiful, hope one day i can visit this cultural country.

  • Tanya Toliver

    Photos are beautiful. I would love to go to Rio!

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