The One Bag You Need When Traveling for Weddings

Prior to the launch of the new Pearl colors, three L&S team members attended out-of-state weddings. Each brought the Pearl with them for both their commute and the wedding itself. Check out how the Pearl transitioned from day to night below.

As Lo & Sons team members, we're lucky in that we get to wear-test bags before launch. There's a multitude of reasons why we do this but one reason is to get a sense of how customers may use the bags. From road trips and cross-country flights to formal events, we found the Pearl new color ways transitioned perfectly for any occasion -- tons of organization to keep your life tidy while on the road but in sophisticated colors, they're great for pairing with formal attire. Check out a summary of how Emily, Kelley, and Molly each used their Pearl, including commute and styling tips! 

5 hour car ride from Brooklyn to Pennsylvania

Emily, Creative Designer

Color: Silver
Day Style: Shoulder bag
Items Packed: Sunglasses, lip balm, hand lotion, candy and snacks, pen, wallet
Why it was great for the commute: The Pearl is a great size for long car rides because it's small enough to keep on the seat with you but spacious enough to hold all your travel essentials. 

Night Style: Shoulder bag during the rehearsal dinner, clutch at the wedding
Items Packed: Lipstick, hotel room key, car keys, cell phone, thin shawl
Style Tips: The Pearl in Silver adds a perfect amount of shine, so keep your outfit simple and minimal for a timeless look that works for any season.

2 hour train ride from NYC to Connecticut, 3 hour drive to Massachusetts

Kelley, Executive Assistant & Office Manager

Color: Graphite
Day Style: Shoulder Bag
Items Packed: Magazine, sunglasses, headphones, lip gloss, wallet, keys, snacks, juice
Why it was great for the commute: I wore the bag as a crossbody for the first part of the day as I was making my way through Grand Central -- easier to move through the crowded trains this way! For the remainder of the commute, I wore the Pearl as a shoulder bag. The interior pockets make it easy to reach for my wallet and train ticket. The Pearl is a great bag to use on road trips for many reasons. I'm always snacking and can fit a piece of fruit, juice, and granola bar inside the zip pockets!

Night Style: Long shoulder bag
Items Packed: Card for the bride and groom, lipstick, mascara, wallet, small water bottle
Style Tips: Wearing the Pearl longer and draped off the shoulder creates an elegant look for the evening. I also love that you can wear Silver and/or Gold jewelry with this Graphite color. Plus, having both hands free for pass hor d'oeuvres and cocktails is key.

5 hour flight from Brooklyn to Los Angeles

Molly, Marketing Manager

Color: Pacific Blue
Day Style: Crossbody
Items Packed: Wallet, iPhone, chapstick, lotion, face masks, toner, earbuds, travel toothpaste and brush, snacks
Why it was great for the commute: I was able to keep organized en route. One compartment housed all my skincare goodies (yes, I mask on planes, no shame), another section held my electronics, and snacks in the center compartment for easy and frequent access. The Pearl's height is short enough that I can place it under the airplane seat standing up straight, meaning it didn't eat up precious leg space!

Night Style: Clutch
Items Packed: Lipstick, iPhone, mirror, wedding card, extra jewelry, car keys
Style Tips: The Pacific Blue color is really vibrant but still feels like a neutral. I wanted to play on both these characteristics with a classic black dress and accentuate the color with another vibrant color, orange. This was a pretty formal wedding so I opted for a clutch style -- looks so elegant!  


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