A Winter Weekend in Vermont with the Catalina Deluxe Tote

One of the best parts of Winter is the flurry of weekend trips with friends. Between packing weekend clothing to road trip must-haves and a bag for daily adventures, it's quick to spiral into baggage overload. If this sounds all-too familiar, take a tip from our friend, Toni Banta, the Queen of strategic packing.

I spent the weekend with two friends, Kaitlin and Hannah and their Catahoula dog Fern, on their newly purchased property in Stowe, Vermont. I knew we’d be doing a mix of activities from exploring the local shops to a day hike with Fern so I opted for a travel bag I could use to pack for the weekend but could bring with me during our days out and about. The Catalina Deluxe Tote is always my go-to bag when I need something versatile. 

Travel Essentials and Smart Packing

When packing for a trip, I really value staying organized and packing smartly. I packed an extra pair of shoes, book, and my notebook in the bottom compartment. All my clothing for the weekend gets packed in the main compartment and mini-essentials like chargers and my wallet go into the smaller pockets. The small pockets are a game changer because I know exactly where they are and can grab them easily and quickly!

TIP: roll up your clothing to save space and prevent wrinkles!

Road Trip Friendly

The 6 hour drive up calls for snacks on hand. I grabbed a few goodies on the way out the door and stored them in the outside pocket -- definitely wanted these easily reachable during the drive!

For as much as the Catalina Deluxe Tote can fit, it’s also surprisingly compact. I love being able to place it on the seat next to me. It’s my perfect co-pilot for a long drive.

Versatile Weekend Tote

Once I got to Kaitlin and Hannah’s Vermont house, I unpacked everything and brought the tote with me as we headed out for the day. I love the removable memory foam messenger strap on the tote! It keeps me comfortable no matter how much I end up buying and storing in there. I also love that I have options for carrying it, too, whether it be by the top handles, on my shoulder or as a messenger bag.

We stopped by PK Coffee, a local Stowe staple, for their infamous maple lattes and croissants before a day of shopping. Vermont has great classic general stores and woolen mills, especially nearby their property, so we spent a good part of the day going from shop to shop. The tote is spacious enough to act as a reusable shopping bag to stowaway gifts and knick knacks purchased. In an especially green state, it’s always nice to reduce my individual footprint!

The next day, we took Fern on a hike and played in the fresh snow. I always bring my camera with me whenever we venture out. I love to photograph the varying landscapes and admire all the beauty Vermont has to offer. I brought my tote with me to carry my gear as well as some treats for Fern. Her treat bag clipped perfectly to the key leash!

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