One of our most talked about features on Instagram is the Catalina collection's bottom compartment. Through the years, we've heard some great (sometimes surprising, oftentimes creative) uses for the bottom compartment. Here are our top 5 favorite customer uses shared via IG

1. Pack anything you need quickly accessible

"The bottom compartment is where I like to keep things I need to be most accessible. For example, for long road trips, I like to store shawls, books, my laptop, and even my yarns and knitting props! On planes, I like to use it for my travel pillow, scarf, and a case with my sleeping mask, earplugs, and basic toiletries." - @glutenaciouslife

2. Painting supplies, art materials 

"I’ll use it to store my painting supplies for a crafty weekend getaway." - @allyyjacq

3. Dirty laundry 

“I love this compartment, I use it to separate my dirty laundry when going through airport security.” - @lo.whois

4. On-flight baby essentials

“We bought both the large and tote for traveling with our baby! We put things we will need to take out during the flight like her favorite blanket, stuffy, and diaper changer. Best bag ever for traveling with a baby!” - @imjennadavis

5. Shoes and jackets

“I pack my shoes and my bulky clothing (like jackets or sweatpants). I noticed that they take a lot of room when I pack it in the main part because they are so bulky. And it gives the bottom more shape.” - @shelbszie 

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