Equal Justice Foundation

May 10-17
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We’re excited to support the incredibly important work of the Equal Justice Foundation (EJF) at Georgetown Law. EJF fundraises to support Georgetown Law students who engage in unpaid or low paid public interest legal work during the summer. The organization began in 1982 as a competitive fellowship award with only three recipients. EJF has grown into a program that provides guaranteed funding to over fifty students working without pay for public interest or government organizations.

At Lo & Sons, we believe in leaving a positive impact both on people’s lives and the planet. Now more than ever it’s vital to help raise awareness and funding for public interest sectors that provide critical legal service across the country. By supporting positions in poverty law, race equality, immigration, human rights, environment, community justice and more - we can make a difference.

The funds we will help raise through the purchase of our products will go directly towards the EJF program that ensures no student feels financially precluded from pursuing legal work they are passionate about. Every $500 of the profits donated to EJF enables another Georgetown Law student to intern at a public interest organization in the summer.

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