Catalina Deluxe Tote

A tote edition of the Catalina Deluxe. Designed for even more versatility.

Catalina Day Tote

A tote designed for daily use, commutes or a quick trip to the farmers' market.

Seville Tote

A timeless leather tote that goes from office to airport and workday to weekend.

Seville Aire Tote

A travel-ready tote in sleek, lightweight nylon.

Seville Prima Tote

An ultra-luxurious leather tote for days when you need to look on point.

Del Mar Packable Tote

A lightweight, packable tote bag for your life on-the-go.

Upcycled Patchwork Tote

A sustainable tote made from returned Lo & Sons bags.

Keep your life organized in functional tote bags 

A sturdy and stylish tote bag is a must-have on-the-go accessory. From a longer summer weekend beach vacation to a morning office commute to a quick errand trip, the best totes are versatile, comfortable, and have enough room for all your daily essentials. Made from durable yet lightweight materials, all of our tote bags are made to handle whatever life throws your way and contain multiple pockets to fit everything you need.

Find the right tote bag for you 

From our Catalina Collection, the Catalina Deluxe Tote is a large tote bag for travel with a suitcase handle sleeve and the Catalina Day Tote is a smaller tote travel bag designed for daily use, commutes or a quick trip to the farmers' market. The Seville Collection includes timeless totes that go from office to airport and workday to weekend, including the timeless leather Seville Tote, the lightweight nylon Seville Aire Tote, and the ultra-luxurious leather Seville Prima Tote. Rounding out this collection is the Edgemont, a tote backpack made from lightweight eco-friendly materials that easily converts between tote and backpack. The Del Mar Packable Tote is a lightweight, foldable tote that you can bring with you on-the-go, equipped with a water-resistant exterior and removable pouches. The Upcycled Patchwork Tote is a sustainable tote handmade from returned Lo & Sons bags.

Check out our tote bag collection 

All of our bags are made from high quality, premium materials that are made to last and designed with your daily needs in mind. From recycled polyester to leather to nylon, our collection includes a wide variety of bags with different sizes, materials, and colors. Take a look at our collection for a tote bag that’s perfect for travel, work, or daily life and can adapt to wherever life takes you next.