Discover The Del Mar Packable Tote

A lightweight, packable tote bag for your life on-the-go.

Thoughtful Features

Intentionally created with design details to make your life easier.

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Easy to Pack

With a lightweight and collapsible design, this tote bag is built to be conveniently packed into other bags or carried around with you, so it’s ready for action when you need it.

Flexible Organization

No more digging around shapeless totes. Keep all your essentials in one place with our removable pouches.

close up of Del Mar pouches

Multifunctional Use

Adapt the bag’s pouches for your personal use. You can hang them inside the bag, snap them together, and even fit the tote inside the pouch.

close up of Del Mar material

High-quality Materials

With a water-resistant exterior, the packable tote is easy to clean, so you don’t have to worry about dirt and spills. Additionally, this reusable tote bag is more sustainable and durable than single use plastic bags.

Take it Anywhere

Ready whenever you need it.


Easily pack it into a suitcase, so you can save space for other travel items.


Stash it in your car or everyday bag and when the time comes, simply use, fold, and reuse.

Beach Trip or Pool Day

Keep your essentials safe inside the water-resistant exterior and removable pouches.


We use premium materials for a durable, long-lasting bag.

50% Recycled Poly Interior

An eco-friendly, high density and water resistant polyester made from recycled plastic bottles.

Tyvek Exterior

An eco-friendly material that's super lightweight and water resistant.

In Real Life

The Del Mar Packable Tote

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