The Claremont camera bag, a stylish crossbody camera bag for DSLR cameras


The Claremont

A chic travel bag designed to protect DSLR cameras.

Designed for DSLR Cameras

We asked 2 NYC-based photographers, Lindsay Brown and Chaunté Vaughn to take the Claremont camera bag on a day trip touring some of their favorite NYC landmarks.


The Claremont camera bag, made with internal padding designed to protect a DSLR camera
The Claremont camera bag, a stylish crossbody camera bag with 2 SD memory card pockets
The Claremont camera bag, a stylish crossbody camera bag with discreet back pocket


Canon models: 5D, 7D, 50D, 60D, T3i/600D, T3, XS

Nikon models: D90, D700, D3000, D3100, D5000, D7000

Traveler Approved

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“Don't let this buttery soft leather and vintage shape fool you. This is a modern shutterbug's ideal cross-body. Filled with features like pockets for memory cards and extra internal padding to keep your DSLR safe (and your look chic).”

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“Now I have a new item to add to my wish list - a camera bag that’s elegant chic and not the bland backpack black neoprene I've been using.”

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The Huffington Post

“It looks like a trendy leather purse and features extra internal padding specifically designed to protect a DSLR camera and a small extra lens. The cross body bag has adjustable straps and several discreet pockets for essentials – a back zipper pockets for cash, keys, or credit cards, with two front pockets for memory cards, and a hanging SD memory card holder. This is the best-looking camera bag in the market.”

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Smarter Travel

“Most bags for DSLR cameras are bulky or scream 'expensive equipment inside.' Lo & Sons’ Claremont looks just like a regular, stylish crossbody bag—so no one but you will know that the interior is padded and designed to protect your camera and lens. Thanks to a back zipper pocket and two small front pockets, I was able to fit my DSLR camera, my smartphone, travel-sized sunscreen, hand sanitizer, and a light cardigan into this bag... This bag is so classically stylish that I will use it as a regular handbag even when I’m not bringing my camera.”

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Fast Company

“The leather Claremont must be one of the most feminine and elegant DSLR camera bags on the market.”

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Lonely Planet

“Fashion-conscious traveling photographers don’t have to sacrifice style for function. Beautifully-crafted bags like the Claremont are ideal for those who prefer to keep their kits covert. The comfortable cross-body looks like a chic satchel from the outside; inside are ideal features to protectively transport your gear.”

The Claremont