The O.G. & O.M.G.

A functional and lightweight carry-all designed from high quality material for the modern traveler.

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Side Pocket

Store your gym shoes for your post work workout or an umbrella for those mornings with a rainy commute.

Laptop Storage

Both the O.G. and O.M.G. are designed to fit up to 13” laptops.

Suitcase Handle Sleeve

Travel seamlessly with a convenient pass-through sleeve that slides onto a suitcase handle.

Messenger Strap

Attach the removable messenger strap for extra comfort when on the go.

Plenty of Pockets

Stay organized with the padded laptop compartment, a pocket for your tablet or work documents, a zipper pocket, and two slips pockets.

Key Leash

Never misplace your keys again with the inner key leash.

See What Fits Inside

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View the similarities and differences between the O.G. and O.M.G.

“This is it. This is *the* bag. I kid you not. Some people have called it “well-designed,” others “perfect,” and still others the “the best carry-on bag out there.” I call it genius.”

“We packed this chic bag for a week and loved its silky lightweight exterior and its abundance of secret zippered pockets and segmented compartments. It fits easily beneath an airplane seat and boasts comfy-on-our-shoulders leather straps.”

“Say goodbye to the days of bags falling off the side of your suitcase and spilling out over the floor (we've all been there) and hello to a less painful carry on experience.”

“This is an awesome travel bag created by two brothers who started their business with their mom, which I think is adorable. I’ve had this bag for almost seven years, and it’s completely held up. I use it as a carry-on bag when I fly — it has a sleeve for a laptop and an interior pocket for a book or Kindle, plus an interior pocket on the side for shoes or a wallet. It’s just really genius and well-done, but also simple and not crazy statement-making. I recommend it to anyone who travels.”

O.G. & O.M.G.

$275 - $295