A Creative Workshop In Morocco Featuring Atelier Dore

Garance recently launched her new creative workshop series through Atelier Doré this fall and for the inaugural trip, 20 fellow artists and creatives joined her for a week at El Fenn Hotel in Marrakech, Morocco, with our Waverley travel crossbody bag in tow.

Garance Doré - writer, illustrator, photographer and founder of atelierdore.com - is highly regarded for her distinctive point of view on fashion and style. Her work as a photographer and illustrator has appeared in The New York Times, American, British and Paris VOGUE, The Guardian, The Wall Street Journal, and Elle, and her first book, Love Style Life, is a NY Times Bestseller.

The thing I liked most was the incredibly unique style of the hotel. It’s nothing like what we’re used to seeing these days, but somehow you feel perfectly at ease there right away. The colors, the mosaics, the ambiance.

It felt incredible to be immersed in a beautiful setting with an incredible group of strong, smart, entrepreneurial women.

I’ve always been incredibly inspired by women who manage to look chic and put together when they travel. For me, I try, but it’s definitely an effort—far from the effortlessness I imagine every time I put a suitcase together.

photos by atelierdore.com


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