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We’ve partnered with The Robin Hood Foundation to offer you great savings and to help support a great cause.

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We’re thrilled to partner with the Robin Hood Foundation, an incredible organization that fights poverty in New York City. For more than 30 years, Robin Hood has worked to find, fund, and create the most effective programs across the city — schools, food pantries, homeless shelters, job training centers, health facilities, legal clinics, and more — to provide low-income New Yorkers with the tools they need to build better lives.

We’ve partnered with the foundation in various ways over the past decade, from providing bags for new mothers in need to working with their volunteer team at NYC food banks. We’re excited to share more about their mission with our greater community.

Last year, Robin Hood invested $172 million, including more than $80 million for COVID-19 relief, in over 700 of the most impactful nonprofits across New York City. This year, they are doubling down on the basics and focusing on getting New Yorkers back on their feet with the following three pillars.

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Getting Families Back On Their Feet

Rebuild NYC’s emergency food infrastructure. Help New Yorkers facing eviction. Invest in health & mental health services. Expand access to public benefits.

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Getting Kids Back On Track

Expand personal tutoring for students. Accelerate learning in subjects like math & literacy. Empower educators with high-quality curriculum & training. Prioritize mental health for students.

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Getting New Yorkers Back To Work

Help women return to the workforce with affordable childcare. Prepare 10,000+ New Yorkers for higher-paying jobs in the tech sector. Reduce barriers to college enrollment with CUNY’s career pathways. Help businesses reopen & rehire through advocacy and assistance programs.

How To Participate

Join us in supporting their pivotal efforts. Because Robin Hood’s board of directors underwrites all operating costs, 100 percent of our donation goes directly to fighting poverty.

Just enter email and info, we’ll email you a 30% OFF discount, and then we’ll donate 5% of your purchase directly to Robin Hood Foundation.