Lo & Sons x
Fab Scrap

Earth Day 2022

April 10-24
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We’re thrilled to partner with FABSCRAP in honor of Earth Month this year. FABSCRAP is a nonprofit organization that has pioneered a system to recycle and reuse fabric waste, creating an accessible materials resource for creative communities while reducing the fashion industry’s impact on the planet. Since launching in 2016, FABSCRAP has saved over 1 million pounds of fabric from the landfill, the CO2-reducing equivalent of planting over 110,000 trees. 

Having volunteered at the FABSCRAP’S facility as a company, we’ve had the chance to participate in the intricate, time-intensive process of properly sorting through textile waste and view proof of just how large the fashion textile waste problem is.

At Lo & Sons, we have similar goals to FABSCRAP. We’re persistently striving to eliminate waste but also challenging ourselves to think creatively and thoughtfully when it comes to designing new products made from existing materials. And we’re excited to eventually share products that incorporate upcycled materials as this year goes on! 

To support FABSCRAP’s vital programs, just enter your email and info below to unlock your 25% OFF discount code, and then we’ll donate 5% of your purchase directly to FABSCRAP.