Discover The 4 Layer Bandana Mask

The classic bandana… with a major upgrade.

Not Your Everyday Bandana

Our reusable, non-medical version offers more protection as well as added convenience. Made of premium washable materials and designed with both form and function in mind.

close up of pull tabs

4 Layers of Protection

Safer than your average bandana thanks to four layers of premium, breathable fabric around the mouth.

close up of pull tabs

Convenient Velcro Closure

No more tying and untying necessary. The velcro fasten on the back is as easy and effortless as it gets.

close up of pull tabs

Premium Machine Washable Materials

Made of machine or hand washable fabric available in six different colors/prints so you can switch up your style from day to day.

close up of material

Comfortable and Adjustable Nose Bridge

Not only is the nose bridge adjustable for a secure fit, it also has cushioned padding for an extra comfy feel.