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The Seville laptop tote, an innovative and stylish laptop tote


The Seville

The laptop tote reimagined. Available for 13" & 15" laptops.

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The Seville features Shell+ Design, an innovative system that allows you to change the exterior of your bag without the fuss of moving all your things from one bag to another. Each tote comes pre-assembled with an inner bag and leather outer shells. Additional shells in different materials or colors can be purchased separately.

The Seville laptop tote, an innovative laptop tote and travel bag with Shell+ Design

Designed for Travel

Included with every Seville tote is a Soft Touch Shell with a luggage sleeve to sit effortlessly over your suitcase.

Adapts to Any Occasion

Our Shell+ Design system allows the Seville tote to seamlessly transform your bag to fit any occasion or season when you purchase additional shells.

Stay Organized

Plenty of pockets to keep all your essentials neat and tidy.

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Add-on accessories available for extra organization


Available in 2 sizes and 3 premium leather options. Shells and small accessories sold separately.

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