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From chilling with a book by the pool to playing in the sand on a family beach trip to sipping a pina colada on a vacation cruise girls’ trip, the best part of warm, sunny weather is the opportunity to head to the nearest body of water to relax and cool off. Wherever you travel to soak up some sun, a stylish and practical beach bag is an essential to keep your belongings safe and dry. With sunscreen, sunglasses, towels, snacks, water bottles, etc., you’ll need a beach bag that’s spacious enough for whatever plan you make to beat the heat, lightweight enough to carry around, and durable enough to last through multiple vacations.

A tote bag for the perfect beach weekend  

From our Catalina Collection, the Catalina Day Tote is the ideal everyday companion, carrying everything you need for a beach trip, but also a workout, errand run, or daily outing. The Catalina Deluxe Tote is a small and versatile tote available in premium, sustainable materials such as eco-friendly canvas and recycled polyester. If you’re looking for a larger, duffle version of this classic, opt for the best-selling Catalina Deluxe which also works as a weekend bag. The Del Mar Packable Tote is a lightweight, foldable tote that you can bring with you on-the-go, equipped with a water-resistant exterior and removable pouches. All our beach bag styles include features intended for multifunctional use, such as a variety of zipper and side pockets and a shoe compartment in the bottom pocket of the Catalina Deluxe and Catalina Deluxe Tote.

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All of our bags are made from high quality, premium materials that are made to last and designed with your daily needs in mind. Take a look at our beach bag collection to find what fits your lifestyle and travel needs. Don’t miss out on your next beach or water adventure because you can’t find the right bag to bring with you!