Why use a Carry-on?

I can tell you from experience that carrying-on was a total game changer for our travels. We were able to carry-on our stroller as a personal item and keep everything we needed for each flight in the Catalina Deluxe Tote. The tote fits comfortably under the seat making flights a breeze.

Finding the Perfect Bag for Mom & Baby

Until I came across the Catalina Deluxe Tote, I always had the hardest time finding something that functioned equally for Owen and I. I was always compromising functionality for style or vice versa. Luckily with the Catalina Deluxe Tote, we were able to find something that suits us both.

A Carry-on & an Everyday Bag

Adding the Catalina Deluxe Tote to our luggage ensured a much smoother journey. Once we arrived to our destination, we used the tote for day trips and overnight excursions.


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