5 Light Travel Tips for the Habitual Overpacker

Here at Lo & Sons, we’re huge advocates for packing and traveling light. Some of us are preventing shoulder pain, are carry-on only fanatics, and a few here are just living the minimalist life. Whichever the case, we’re always looking for new ways to travel smarter and lighter (shout out to our “Travel Tips” Slack channel).

We’ve collected our favorite tricks and encourage you to try these out on your next trip! Whether you're new to the light-packing game or a seasoned pro, we'd love to hear your feedback. Share your thoughts and tips with us @loandsons

1. Cut down on unnecessary bag features

"I have two children so there are a lot of items we can't travel without. I need to cut down on the weight of my bag where I can so I use a travel bag with minimal hardware and no extra features. If I’m going on a road trip or don’t need to carry my bag long distances, I’ll choose a bag without messenger strap or suitcase handle sleeve. The classic Catalina is my go-to bag for these types of trips." -Nhung, Marketing Director and Road Trip Expert

2. Bring items that transition from day to night 

"I travel with a bag that can adjust to meet any occasion. My favorite such bag is the Pearl -- I can wear it as a crossbody during the day and convert it to a wristlet at a nice dinner or for cocktails. I'll also adjust it to a short shoulder bag to add more variety to my outfits. Anything to get the most looks and options with the least amount of items!" -Molly, Marketing Manager and Wabi-Sabi Wanna-Be 

3. Travel with multi-purpose products

"One of my favorite ways to travel light is to use cosmetics that multitask. I love color sticks that can be used on eyes, cheeks, & lips, & easy-to-apply items like tinted moisturizer (with SPF) means you don’t have to pack brushes! Also, having a minimalist makeup bag definitely cuts down on the amount of time it takes to get ready. Who wants to spend a ton of time primping when there are sights to see?" -Megan, Customer Experience Associate and Makeup Maven

4. Follow the 5-4-3-2-1 rule

"Apart from limiting any trip to what I can bring on board and never checking anything in, I use the 5-4-3-2-1 rule when packing. That means for any trip I limit myself to 5 tops, 4 bottoms, 3 accessories, 2 shoes, 1 swimsuit. If I plan to bring a dress/cover-up, it needs to substitute an item from my total count. The rule challenges you to bring only essentials and make sure your items work together to be mix-matched throughout your travels. And because rules are meant to be broken, I usually allow myself one cheat item!" -Ewa, Creative Producer and Airfare Magician 

5. Don’t bring what you can find at your destination

"As I’m packing, I plan what I can buy or find while I’m at my destination. For example, the hotels or Airbnb will have shampoo and conditioner. I also like to purchase a toothbrush and razors once I’m there." -Lindy, Human Resources and mother of Anna, the most organized 15 year old ever


  • Naomi Parkes

    Selecting travel bags or luggage you carry is depending your traveling distance mostly on international trips we need those types of traveling luggage have more space and easy to carry.

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