Seville Tote Style Guide

To show the many style possibilities of the Seville using Shell+ Design, we created a style guide for an entire week. 5 days. 5 outfits. 5 shells. 1 brilliantly designed bag.


If your plans include catching up on work and errands to get a head start on the week, comfort calls. Choose shoes that are office appropriate but walking friendly such as a pair of simple mules. Add a duster jacket over a crisp top and slacks for a trend right touch. The Seville in black Saffiano leather will bring together this simple yet stylish look.


A day of walking between meetings requires an outfit that is practical yet chic. Save your feet by wearing a comfortable pair of black flats and stay warm in city shadows with your favorite leather jacket. The Seville in white perforated leather will give this black & white ensemble a hint of edge.


A day packed with back to back meetings means you will need to be on point. Choose wardrobe items such as black pumps paired with bold stripes and a sophisticated pencil skirt. Don't forget to wear your glasses and the seville in black perforated leather so that you feel prepared to make a statement.


If you wake up and are greeted by the warm sun, get dressed knowing that this day will include coffee or lunch outside. Opt for a simple silk dress in a flattering cut paired with open toed sandals and a light sweater. Remember to wear your favorite pair of sunglasses and the Seville in white Saffiano leather for a classic springtime look.


Reward yourslef for a highly productive week, make plans with friends and get a little dressed up! Go for a monochromatic two piece ensemble in a light hue such as creamy beige. Blend textures to keep it interesting and remember to bring a sweater for the office. Add a fashion forward pop of color with the Seville in red Saffiano leather.


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