Perfect Bags For A Couples European Road Trip

NYC based Photographer, Lindsay Brown and her husband, Travis, brought the Rhodes and Catalina on their European Getaway.

When packing for your trip, keep your destinations in mind.

Check the weather a week before to be sure you’re covered if you’re hitting a few destinations like Lindsay and Travis did.

We knew we were going to be on the road this whole trip, so packing light was key. On our own, we both tend to start as over-packers but together, help each other eliminate pieces. Luckily, the weather in Norway and Scotland were similar in October so that eased the process.

-Travis & Lindsay

The Rhodes is built for ease.

The suitcase handle sleeve is perfect for catching a flight and the padded messenger strap is great when walking between AirBnBs or loading up the rental car.

The Rhodes was deceivingly spacious, making it easy for me to pack for two weeks in one bag. Whether it was packing the next day’s outfit or storing my hiking boots, the Rhodes' bottom pocket made it simple to transition outfits without having to sort through the bag.


Aside from making your flights easier, the Catalina is also is a great bag to carry around with you while sightseeing.

The Catalina is my favorite travel bag - small enough to fit under the seat of an airplane, yet big enough to fit the necessities. For this trip, I packed my bag with a couple heavy sweaters, a jacket, and toiletries, and kept my shoes in the bottom pocket. The weather changed quickly in Scotland and Norway so it was helpful to have the bag in tow so that I could throw on layers as the day went.



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