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Though heading home for the holidays is always exciting, this Thanksgiving was especially meaningful as my husband and I brought along a special guest -- our new born baby! We headed to his family’s home in Texas for the holiday weekend and needed to be extra organized, bringing only essentials. With our new baby, we knew our hands and attention would be focused on her rather than our travel bags! We decided on one carry-on and one checked luggage for the three of us -- my go to carry-on is always my Catalina Deluxe small.  

In my prior life, I used the Catalina Deluxe as my own weekender with shoes in the bottom compartment and clothing packed in the main section. As a new mom, the bottom compartment is now perfect to keep anything my baby girl may need during the flight since it’s easily and quickly accessible. I wiped it down with disinfecting wipes before using it as a baby section.

The main section of the bag has a ton of smaller pockets and compartments. These are great for storing headphones, chargers, and small items I need readily accessible. 

Seamless airport travel with a newborn

I always knew the Catalina Deluxe was airport friendly but this was so much more apparent with a newborn. I was able to slide it over my roller luggage with its suitcase handle sleeve and kept our boarding passes in the outer pocket for an easy find. This kept one arm free for baby girl. On the airplane, when we needed to get to her toys and blanket, we knew exactly where they were (her bottom compartment) and didn't need to dig through to find her things.

Stress-free travel allows for more family time

Once we got to our destination (and after family hugs and greetings), I unpacked a few items from my Catalina Deluxe. We love to take advantage of the outdoors when we are in Texas, so I kept the bag handy for our adventures, packing her items and a few of our necessities in the bag. Even back at the house, I kept it close by so I didn’t need to go to and from our room to pick things up.

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