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We interviewed the pet parents on our team to provide insights on why our Catalina Collection is a furry friend favorite. Here’s some of their tips on how to pack their bags for different use cases both in general and during their time in quarantine.

About Gurgi: 10 year old pug-mix who was found as a stray during the summer of 2012. After trying to find his owner all summer, Teka ended up adopting him and the rest is pupper history. Gurgi is The Happiest Lap Dog on Earth™. He loves to cuddle up with his humans and watch Miyazaki movies or just snore while mom and dad are working, reading or talking on the phone. After a long day of playing with all of his favorite toys and smelling every square inch of grass on his walks, he’s in bed by 10pm every night so he can wake up bright and early every morning to make the most of each day. Gurgi’s favorite smell is Japanese Curry, his favorite toy is a moose named Sven, and his favorite Lo & Sons bag is his Catalina Deluxe Tote in Midnight Ash!
Bag of Choice & Why: Catalina Deluxe Tote Washed Canvas
Gurgi uses his Catalina Deluxe Tote when he goes off to camp when his humans are traveling, or when he gets to travel with his humans! He always packs his food, a blanket that smells like home, some snacks (he loves Newman’s Own Turkey & Sweet Potato biscuits), and a toy or 3, along with any important information, like his NJ dog license. When his humans are home, Gurgi likes to pack his Catalina Deluxe Tote for trips to the dog park! He always brings some toys, a towel in case he gets wet, some dog wipes for any accidents, and his portable water bottle; gotta stay hydrated!
Thoughts on Quarantine: Gurgi loves having his humans home all day everyday during quarantine! He likes being able to sleep in their laps while they work in the office, and really enjoys the extra walks he gets in the middle of the day.

About Tyde: Tyde was adopted from North Shore League Rescue when he was 8 weeks old. We went just to look at the dogs available for adoption, but he stole our hearts so we went through the approval process and brought Tyde home that day. Tyde is a smooch – he loves to be loved, he thinks he is a lap dog, he plays rough with other dogs, super high energy, loves bones more than toys, he is a sweetheart with people but does try to be the alpha with other dogs. favorite things – belly rubs from anyone and being with his people and our other dog. He would give up anything for a belly rub, he will climb in your lap if you let him. He loves bones, peanut butter, chicken and broccoli. He gets crazy excited when he hears his leash coming out of the cabinet, he loves walks, running on the beach and playing tough guy with other dogs. 
Bag of Choice & Why: Catalina Deluxe Small 600D
Recently we used our bag for visits to the vet and packing his food/toys/treats for day and weekend trips away. What’s most helpful is it fits everything we need, the separate bottom compartment for packing food/treats – the inside can easily be wiped down and the straps fit over our shoulder
Thoughts on Quarantine: Tyde loves having us home, prior to his surgery he had more walks, since his surgery he has been able to have so much love and attention because we are all home loving him. He would love a great run on the beach, but until he heals he has to spend his time in his bed.
Special Shout Out: Tyde is from North Shore Animal League, an amazing place to adopt dogs and cats from, they are a no-kill rescue @animalleague

About Paul: Paul has been living with me since the quarantine began in March. He's not my cat per se, but close enough. My roommate's boyfriend moved in with us at the start of all the craziness and he brought this cute little fluff ball, who would later be introduced as Paul. He was born in Brooklyn and grew up on the streets before being adopted about 2 years ago. We just celebrated his 3rd birthday! He's a spunky little cat who enjoys going for long walks (with his harness and a leash), bird watching from our windows, playing with erasers, sun bathing, and sleeping.
Bag of Choice & Why: His bag of choice is the Catalina Deluxe Tote in 600D. It fits all of his favorite things, such as his mouse toys, erasers, and of course his treats. On days that Paul gets a little cooped up we like to take the Catalina Deluxe Tote out with us on walks around the neighborhood. He wears a harness and leash, but we usually only make it to the end of our block and walk back. In this scenario we use the main compartment for our human things, and save the bottom for anything he may need along the way. It's lightweight and the perfect accessory for errands and “long” walks around the neighborhood.
Thoughts on Quarantine: He's an early riser (we're talking 4am or 5am) and he's also quite the talker, so mornings with Paul are a little crazy. Luckily his mom and dad usually have to deal with this, so I get to play the role of the cool aunt! His favorite thing to do is plop down behind my desk at various times throughout the day and meow until I give him a little pet or throw an eraser around for him.

About Coco & Moose: My family got Coco, our fluffy little cockapoo, when she was just 5 months old, she’s lived with me full time since I moved to the city 8 years ago! She’s now 15 years old and a professional cuddler who loves sleeping almost as much as she loves the sweet, sweet taste of peanut butter. My husband and I adopted Moose from an amazing organization called Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue this past October. Moose is now 2 years old and has the energy of 4 Energizer Bunnies. When she’s not pretending our living room furniture is an agility course she needs to ace, she’s either cuddled up next to mom, roughhousing with dad, or happy as can be munching on carrots. Moose and CoCo are like yin and yang when it comes to their personalities but they love each other just like real sisters.
Bag of Choice & Why: I actually use the Catalina Deluxe Large in Washed Canvas as a carrier for Coco for small/overnight trips. I had started off using the bottom pocket for her stuff and the main compartment for my own. Any time I got home I’d find her fast asleep inside the main compartment so I gave it a run with her inside (unzipped of course) and she loved it! Any overnight travel I’m with my husband anyway so he’ll carry one Catalina Deluxe Large for us humans and our things and I’ll carry the other with CoCo and her belongings! The Catalina Deluxe Tote in 600D has been great with Moose because since she’s so active, we actually need a lot for just day trips or visits to the park. And with the smaller size bag, it's easy to not have to go deep into the closet where my luggage is. I keep it handy for smaller trips and day needs (ie: food, bowls, treats, toys, long leash, water bottle, extra poop bags etc.)
Thoughts on Quarantine: We reached our 6 month adoptaversary with Moose during quarantine and she’s definitely gotten more chatty these past 2 months! She’s started to bark now for extra playtime since “why else did we stay home, if not to play with her?!” It has been a nice break to play with her midday though! We’re definitely enjoying longer walks for fresh air but trying to stick to a schedule so that any future transition to normalcy isn't a shock for them. As a rescue, Moose definitely likes consistency. Time at home has also given us a little more time to do more training and we’ve learned Moose loves carrots as a reward for good behavior! Coco is just happy to take her old lady naps surrounded by everyone :)
Special Shout Out: @badassbrooklyn (where Moose was adopted from)

About Humphrey: Humphrey was the last pick of the litter, some would say that was a red flag, but we like to think he was just waiting for the stars to align at just the right time to meet his furever family. He’s equal parts soiled, spunky, and stubborn. Humphrey’s favorite activities include long walks on the beach (the Asbury Beach dog run is his favorite place to meet new friends), digging up bugs in the backyard (living the bad boy life), and protecting his mom and dad from neighborhood pigeons (not all heroes wear capes). If he misses a meal or a nap he gets cranky and does zoomies around the house for good measure. His favorite surprise snacks are pickles, cilantro, cantaloupes, and (his ultimate favorite) sand crabs. All his special “isms” combined add up to a perfectly perfect pup.
Bag of Choice & Why: In all honesty, it depends on what we have planned as a family! For most weekend activities or overnights and grandmas and grandpas the Catalina Deluxe Tote is the perfect choice. The bottom is often where we store all of Humphrey’s belongings (water canteen, treats/food, toys, etc) with the top being reserved for our own needs (a change of clothes or towel, toiletries, entertainment). When we travel on a train or the metro we would have him sit in the main area. The Hanover Deluxe 2 is super helpful when we are going on a hike or hoping on a family bicycle ride. Coming in at 14lbs, Humphrey feels comfortable inside if we’re in a pinch or if he’s tired.
Thoughts on Quarantine: Humphrey is loving the extra attention from both mom and dad at home. Extra time on our laps has made his days golden. The hardest part is not being able to socialize Humphrey with ventures to the dog park (he has shy of zero play etiquette on a leash). His favorite season is summer when he can use one-liners at Yappy Hour at the Wonder Bar or do zoomies at the shore in Asbury Park or Island Beach State Park. We have backup plans in place this summer with a kiddy pool for Humphrey to splash in at the very least if his favorite spots are off limit!

About Saturday Kung: She is a 12 year old Burmese. She joined our family after we found her abandoned in a travel crate in a parking lot, it was a sad event, but she’s been a loved member of our family ever since! Her favorite meal is tuna, she loves belly rubs, naps and her pink sheep toy.
Bag of Choice & Why: We like using our Catalina Deluxe Small in Dove Grey Washed Canvas when we take family trips and Saturday comes along for a ride. It’s a large bag and we can use the bottom to carry her things, such as food, water and snacks, while we use the top to carry other items for our non-fur babies. Not to mention that Saturday loves using the bottom compartment as a bed for her naps.
Thoughts on Quarantine: She’s loving all the extra attention but also finding new quiet places to take naps.


  • NAncy

    I love this! Now I’m thinking I need a new bag for my rescue Maltese. He has two carriers made for dogs, and other tote bags. Doesn’t like either carrier and the totes don’t hold all of his (many) possessions. Maybe he just needs one tote like the ones your dogs like to ride in. Must shop now…..

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