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A smarter way to travel

First class bags designed thoughtfully and sustainably made.

We are an Asian-American owned family business that’s on a mission to inspire and empower people to go places, while leaving a positive impact on people's lives and the planet.

  • “The family-run company cofounded by Helen's sons, Jan and Derek, continues to manufacture travel accessories with thoughtful, human-centered design in mind.”
  • “Helen Lo had always been a frequent traveler, but with back problems, finding the right bag to carry was an ongoing problem. Her sons Jan and Derek prodded her to make her own—and doubled down on that idea by quitting their jobs in advertising and product research to help their mother, who was 65 at the time, realize her vision.”
  • “Sustainability and thoughtful craftsmanship are the driving forces at Lo & Sons. Once you’ve carted your essentials, the untold story of activist and Lo & Sons’ founder, Helen Lo, is an absolute must-read.”
  • “Helen Lo founded luxury bag company Lo & Sons after she couldn’t find any fashionable, functional travel bags. She convinced her sons, Derek and Jan, to quit their jobs in advertising and product design research, respectively, and get the startup off the ground in December 2010.”
  • “The brand has a striking timeless elegance, but it’s the thoughtful design that makes it a standout. You’ll never be able to take a trip without these bags again.”
  • “Say goodbye to the days of bags falling of the side of your suitcase and spilling out over the floor (we’ve all been there) and hello to a less painful carry on experience.”

The Catalina Supreme

Introducing our biggest premium do-it-all duffel bag yet, built for maximum functionality and versatility.

The Catalina Collection

Versatile weekender and tote bags available in sustainable materials.

The Upcycled Collection

We transformed returned Lo & Sons bags into new, limited edition bags.

How It All Began

Founder of Lo & Sons shares how she found courage to start her company at 65

Inside the Journey From Frequent Flier to Travel Industry Trailblazer

How a mom and her sons moved an industry to reinvent the way luggage is made.

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